Wednesday, November 8, 2017

11/9 Fighting Imperialism Under Trump

From Puerto Rico to North Korea:
Fighting Imperialism Under Trump

Phil Gasper, editor of the excellent annotated Communist Manifesto from Haymarket Books and author of blog Critical Reading, will speak on the landscape of American imperialism under Trump and the fight against it. Phil is a member of the editorial board of International Socialist Review and teaches philosophy in Madison, WI.

Check out these articles on Puerto Rico, North Korea, and Imperialism:

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Join the ISO!

In a world of war and violence, poverty and environmental disaster, the need for a socialist alternative is as great as it has ever been. But to make the case for a new society based on solidarity and democracy, we need more socialists, working together to put forward that vision. If you agree with what you've read at the International Socialist Organization's website and publications, you should join us!

Here are some starting resources to learn more about the ISO:

The first step for getting involved is to meet the ISO where you live. If you're in Boston, great! Send us an email through our Contact Us form and be sure to signup for email alerts about upcoming events. We're involved in struggles for justice, and we have regular meetings (often Thursday evenings) to educate and organize ourselves.

If you're outside the Boston area, use the Find the ISO page on the ISO's website to get in touch with a branch in your city, on your campus or near where you live. If we don't have members near where you live, contact the national ISO--we have resources to help you organize as a socialist in your area.

Are you on a campus or a member of an organization that would like to hear from a socialist speaker at an upcoming meeting? You can use the contact form to ask for an ISO speaker. We're also happy to collaborate if you'd like to hold a study group on your campus or in your community--let us know what you're interested in.

Friday, November 3, 2017

11/4 New England Marxism Conference

The New England Marxism Conference will draw together hundreds of socialists and activists from Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and throughout New England for workshops on Marxist theory, history and practice - and discussions about how to use those politics to build an urgently needed socialist movement today.
Register Today!
Saturday November 4, 2017
10:30 am - 8 pm
First Church of Boston
66 Marlborough St, Boston MA

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Socialist Worker: Boston protesters call out a hedge fund vulture

Boston activists confronted billionaire investor Seth Klarman, who sees Puerto Rico's crisis as an opportunity to get even richer, reports James Egaña.
Showing solidarity with Puerto Rico in Boston (Eric Sangurima)Showing solidarity with Puerto Rico in Boston (Eric Sangurima)
ABOUT 75 people held a picket in Boston outside the offices of the Baupost Group hedge fund to draw attention to how powerful financial interests are preying on Puerto Rico--even as its residents struggle to secure basic necessities such as food and water.

The Baupost hedge fund, founded by billionaire Seth Klarman, started investing in bonds issued by Puerto Rico in 2015 when it could acquire them for pennies on the dollar. Baupost's strategy is to use Puerto Rico's subordinate status as a U.S. colony to extract profit from the island, no matter the cost to the people who live there.

The value of Puerto Rican bonds owned by Baupost is now about $911 million--but if Baupost succeeds in using political pressure and outright blackmail to get its way, the return on this "investment" could be immense.

The picket, organized by the International Socialist Organization (ISO) and co-sponsored by Boston Democratic Socialists of America and the Green-Rainbow Party, called for the cancellation of Puerto Rico's debt--which is precisely what Klarman and Baupost are adamant in opposing.

The event started with a short kickoff by ISO member Michael Fiorentino, who explained the reasons for the action and why that location was chosen. Rally participants heard in detail how Baupost is involved in the crisis, and how Puerto Rico has been forcibly molded into a debt colony whose sole value in the eyes of investors is producing capital for the mainland, even if that leaves no resources to provide for its people.

Using debt as a lever, capitalism's barons of finance have turned human beings into a commodity. Instead of an influx of funds, the unelected financial junta that governs Puerto Rico has proceeded to slash budgets and freeze hiring and development.

Because of this, any process of recovery from the devastation caused by Hurricane María is more likely to make life even harder for the people of the island--while Klarman and his investors get to contemplate how to spend their ill-gotten gains.

Monday, July 31, 2017

8/3, Public Forum: Fight Trump's attacks on trans rights!

Intl Socialist Org Public Forum
Fight Trump's attacks on trans rights!

Thursday, August 3, 7pm
358 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA
23 Bus from Ruggles or short walk from the Fields Corner T station

The president's ban on trans people in the military is a license to the world's largest employer to discriminate and oppress.

Trump claims his ban is motivated by concern about health care costs. But there is a wider attack underway. The same day, the Justice Department filed a legal brief arguing that federal law does not bar discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Make no mistake: Trump's announcement is part and parcel of a right-wing offensive against the rights of all LGBT people, and trans people in particular. This assault has included, most notoriously, restrictions and laws against access to bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity--with the Texas being the latest state government to take up this reactionary proposal.

Join the Boston ISO for a public forum this week about Trumps most recent egregious attacks and the need to fight back.