Thursday, January 18, 2018

1/27 Rally: #Justice4Siham & #Justice4Naseem

ISO-Boston & Justice4Siham Coalition present:
#Justice4Siham & #Justice4Naseem Rally
Saturday, January 27 | 12:00 - 2:00 pm

Siham Byah is a single mother & activist from Nahant, MA who has been in the US for nearly 20 years. On Nov. 7, she was detained at a routine ICE check-in and her US-born son Naseem was placed in custody of the MA Dept. of Children & Family Services (DCF). On Dec. 29, Siham was suddenly & secretly forced onto a plane & deported to Morocco. 3 days later, with hands & feet still swollen from handcuffs & shackles, Siham called DCF repeatedly trying to contact her son only to be told that she is not allowed to talk to him. 

Like Siham, thousands of immigrants face inhumane conditions in ICE detention & separation from family & friends. We must not let 2018 be another year of deportations.

Boston's JFK Federal Building is where many New England deportation proceedings take place. Join us to demand that Mayor Marty Walsh make good on his promise to make Boston a sanctuary for immigrants, that DCF end its collaboration with ICE, & that Siham be immediately returned to the US & reunited with her son.

In solidarity with Siham and Naseem, we demand that:

1. The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) allow Siham to freely communicate with Naseem whenever and however they wish. 
2. DCF does not put Naseem up for adoption against Siham’s wishes. 
3. DCF help Naseem get a passport so that he can be reunited with Siham. 
4. DCF release a public statement against Siham's deportation, and that they end any collaboration with the ICE attacks that are devastating Massachusetts families. 
5. Siham be returned to the United States immediately and given the opportunity to present her case for asylum here.
6. ICE immediately stop terrorizing our communities and ripping apart families. 

Learn more about Siham's case and get the latest updates at

This event is being hosted and organized by a coalition of activists and organizations in the Boston area that seeks to mobilize large numbers of people against ICE's attacks on our undocumented friends, family, and neighbors. If your organization would like to co-sponsor this event, or join our efforts, please contact

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

1/25 Meeting: #MeToo: The Fight Against Sexism in the Era of Trump

ISO-Boston Meeting:
#MeToo: The Fight Against Sexism in the Era of Trump
with Sharon Smith, author of Women & Socialism: Class, Race & Capital
Thursday, January 25 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Location TBD

As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the 2017 Women's March -- the largest day of protest in modern U.S. history -- a new movement for women's liberation is growing. The #MeToo campaign, launched by activist Tarana Burke, broke the silence surrounding the sexual assault and harassment rampant in today's workplaces and beyond. Countless women bravely shared their stories, leading to the unprecedented ousting of men from their positions of power. We must continue to stand with women who come forward with allegations of sexual abuse, to demonstrate that we will no longer tolerate a world in which women must live in fear of harassment, violence, and retribution.

There is still work to be done. Trump -- the misogynist-in-chief -- still sits at the helm of the U.S. empire, with roughly 20 allegations leveled against him. Abortion rights are under attack as immigrant women like Jane Doe continue to have their access to abortion blocked, and Republicans mask their attempts to suppress women under the guise of anti-eugenics rhetoric. And the U.S. maternal mortality rate is the highest of all industrialized countries thanks to a racist healthcare system in which Black mothers are 300% more likely to die of pregnancy- or childbirth-related causes than white women.

Join the ISO and Sharon Smith (author of "Women and Socialism: Class, Race and Capital") for a discussion of the incredible gains we've made towards women's liberation in the past year, why gender inequity persists, and what we must do to rebuild a new women’s movement that centers on the needs of the most oppressed and the fight for reproductive rights.

To prepare for this meeting, check out the following articles on Socialist Worker:

--"The silence is broken" by Jen Roesch
--"Hearing all the voices of the #MeToo movement" by Camila Quarta
--"#MeToo shakes the Washington elite" by the SW Editorial Board
--"What we learned when women said #MeToo" by Leia Petty, Jen Roesch, and Elizabeth Schulte

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

1/24 Panel: Socialists in Solidarity with Syria

Socialists in Solidarity with Syria: A Panel & Discussion
Wednesday, January 24 | 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Join a discussion with Yasser Munif (Emerson College), co-founder of the Global Campaign of Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution, and Shireen Akram-Boshar (ISO) about the political history of Syria, the roots of the current conflict, and what solidarity looks like today.
Kenmore Classroom Building is accessible and has gender neutral restrooms.

No signs or flags will be permitted at the event. Anyone with flags and signs will be asked to leave.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Support Voices of Resistance against Trump: Center for Economic Research & Social Change

Fund Drive:
Center for Economic Research & Social Change (CERSC)
From now until February 10
Donate to CERSC here!

This past year has been a challenging time to be on the left. It’s shocking to think we’ve only gotten through one year under Trump. In that time, we’ve seen the torrent of racism, misogyny, and wealthy tax cuts unleashed.

But we’ve also seen moments of inspiration and resistance throughout the year. We began the year with the Women’s March, one of the largest days of protest in U.S. history. We ended it with the #MeToo movement taking down serial sexual abusers and challenging the institutions that defend them. In the months between we’ve seen airport protests in solidarity with Muslims and refugees, NFL players taking a knee against racism, and sit-ins on Capitol Hill against attacks on healthcare.

To celebrate this anniversary of resistance, we're asking you to donate to a nonprofit providing critical tools to defeat Trump: a knowledge of our history and political ideas that can point a way forward.

Please give a tax-deductible donation to the Center for Economic Research and Social Change (CERSC). CERSC is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational and social justice organization which highlights progressive voices -- especially those that have been pushed to the margins -- and their many efforts towards transformative justice for the economic and political challenges of today, in the United States and around the world.

CERSC's projects include Haymarket Books, the International Socialist Review, the annual Socialism Conference, WeAreMany.orgMondoweiss, and the Domestic Worker Oral History Project. Here are some of the ways CERSC has helped to build our movement in the past year:

In January, CERSC & Haymarket Books helped orient people after the shock of Trump. They put out their “Stop Trump Reading List” that went viral. They gave away 30,000 digital copies of Rebecca Solnit’s Hope in the Dark. They also hosted standing-room-only meetings like the “Anti-Inauguration” and a Chicago conversation between Angela Y. Davis and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor.

In June and July, CERSC & Haymarket Books published Naomi Klein’s No Is Not Enough, a New York Times bestseller. Publishers Weekly called it “this year’s most immediately useful political book.” They also cosponsored the largest-ever annual Socialism Conference, creating space for 2,000 people from across the country and the world to share stories of resistance and learn how to change the world.

In December, CERSC & Haymarket Books published How We Get Free, an important book on the legacy Black feminism for today’s era of #MeToo and Black Lives Matter. As Trump moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, CERSC’s Mondoweiss remained an essential voice on the Jewish left, reporting on the human rights struggles of Palestinians in the Occupied Territory.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

RESCHEDULED: 1/11 Study Group: Left Organizing Tactics in the Age of Trump: The United Front

Left Organizing Tactics in the Age of Trump: The United Front
Thursday, January 11 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Cambridge Community Center
5 Callender St | Cambridge, MA | 02139
Facebook Event

This meeting was originally scheduled for last week (1/4), but unfortunately we had to cancel due to the massive storm that hit Boston along with the rest of the Atlantic Coast. We've rescheduled the meeting for this Thursday (1/11). Here's the info again: In the wake of the Russian Revolution and the fall of the Kaiser in Germany, members of the newly founded Communist International sought to grow from these successes into a mass workers movement worldwide. The Comintern faced a dilemma, however: on the one hand, it needed to win over the majority of the international working class, which still supported reformist social-democratic parties; on the other hand, it needed to retain the allegiance of impatient young radicals who wanted immediate revolution.

Today, the organized left faces a similar dilemma. We are in an urgent political moment in which we must simultaneously 1.) respond to Trump's constant attacks on all exploited and oppressed peoples, 2.) build a sustained movement against the fascist forces of white supremacy emboldened by Trump, and 3.) work outside the bounds of the Democratic Party, which continually refuses to advocate for its purported voter base.

The theory of the United Front was Leon Trotsky's solution to this political dilemma. It is also integral to how the ISO sees the defeat of fascism. We seek to build with the broadest forces, not just because it's organizationally effective to have more people, but because we believe that the process of engagement by the largest numbers brought into struggle challenges mainstream assumptions of how to fight not just fascism, but all rights for working people.

Join the Boston branch of the International Socialist Organization for a study group on the theory of the united front, and how we can use it to build a contemporary anti-fascist movement and win an equitable, just world.