Monday, February 16, 2009

YES WE CAN win a world w/o Racism, Poverty, War: The Case for Socialism

Thursday Feb 19 First Meeting: 11:00 am* Second Meeting: 4:00 pm*
UMass Boston
3rd floor Campus Center Conference Room
(in student activities center)

The last few months have seen protests for immigrant rights, factory occupations by workers in Chicago, an outpouring of solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine, the revival of the movement for gay and lesbian rights, and a surge in student occupations across the world.

In this new period of optimism, more people are fighting back, more people are raising demands, and more people are finding success. A system that creates a world of wars, oppression and economic crises must be replaced with a world based on justice and people's needs, not oppression and profit. A socialist world is possible, but we must fight for it.
Come to this meeting for a discussion of the relevance of socialist ideas today and how we can start building a different world.
Sponsered by the Radical Discussion Club and the International Socialist Organization.
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*Since some people's schedules conflict with the original meeting time, there will be two meetings.