Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boston ISO Mobilization for the March on the Pentagon

The US project in the Middle East and Central Asia is far from over and now is the time to let our voices be heard! If you opposed the Iraq war for the last six years, questioned the reasons why the US is going to refocus efforts on Afghanistan, were outraged by Israel's recent war on Gaza, enraged by how many Arabs and Muslims have been targeted at home and abroad in the "war on terror" and dreamed of a world without war and oppression... Get on the bus with the Boston ISO 
for the first national anti-war mobilization in two years
Occupation is a Crime from Iraq to Afghanistan to Palestine
March on the Pentagon - March 21st
Buses leave Boston at 11pm sharp, Friday March 20th 
(will return early on Sunday morning)
Purchase your ticket online to reserve your spot. The ISO will be riding the Stony Brook and Copley buses. High school and college students are encouraged to get on the Copley bus to meet students from other schools. 
click on the DONATE buttons for either Stony Brook or Copley buses
for more information about ISO buses call 617-640-9112 For many, the election of America's first Black president has put more meaning in these words from Obama: we bring the change to Washington. Let's mark the 6th anniversary of the Iraq invasion putting forward our vision of change - an end to the brutal occupations and wars in the Middle East and Central Asia. -Troops out Now! -End the blockade on Gaza and stop U.S. aid to Israel! -Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation! -Foreclose the wars, not our homes!