Monday, April 20, 2009

April 23rd
Hot House Earth Capitalism, climate change, and the fate of humanity
7PM - People’s Haymarket Fund 42 Seaverns Avenue, JP Crisis upon crisis, the urgent need to fundamentally change the self-destructive course of our barbarous “civilization” grows even faster than the piles of waste it creates and condemns us with. From greenhouse gases to garbage, from dumping in Somalian seas to endless wars for oil, from the “free market” to government policy, from recycling to revolution, come to this meeting to learn and discuss the environmental crisis, its causes, issues and solutions.
April 25th
Palestine Strategy Conference
We organized and marched against Israel's atrocious war on Gaza. Now’s the time to come together and develop strategies to build a sustained movement for solidarity with Palestine in New England. This is a conference for community and student Palestine solidarity activists--experienced and new--to talk about action for solidarity with Palestine.
Registration -- 9:00am (Campus Center Terrace) Opening Plenary -- 10:00am UMass Boston, 100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston
April 30th
Paul D’Amato, author of the Meaning of Marxism “Free Market Failure: Why Marx is Back”
We have seen in recent decades a growing gap between rich and poor the world over. In the U.S., profits and CEO salaries have skyrocketed while workers' wages stagnated or declined, and corporate greed has plunged the entire world into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Try as one might to dismiss him, Marx keeps coming back. His ideas are alive because his indictment of capitalism. It is a society prone to economic crises and wars that create misery for millions. Marx’ scathing criticism of the capitalist system continues to be confirmed on a daily basis. Paul D’Amato is the associate editor of International Socialist Review. His writing has appeared in CounterPunch, Socialist Worker and Selves and Others.
6:30PM - Jamaica Plain Branch Library 12 Sedgwick Street, JP (near the monument)
May 7th
Organizing Meeting 7PM - People’s Haymarket Fund 42 Seaverns Avenue, JP
May 14th
Organizing Meeting 7PM - People’s Haymarket Fund 42 Seaverns Avenue, JP
June 18th - 21st
Socialism 2009: Building a New Left for a New Era
The world economic crisis has shattered the free-market consensus that has dominated politics for the last generation. Meanwhile, the end of the conservative era and the election of the first African American president have raised expectations among working people that long overdue change is at hand. With capitalism in crisis, even some in the mainstream media are admitting that Karl Marx was right. There has never been a better time for those who want to see fundamental change to get together to debate, discuss and organize for a new society—a society based on the needs of the many instead of the whims of a few. We need to organize a new left to meet the challenge of this new era. Chicago, Illinois (contact the Boston branch to coordinate travel arrangements)
Books available at To contact the ISO email or call 617-648-0561 International Socialist Organization publishers of Socialist Worker