Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Building a New Left in a New Era in Boston: ISO Meeting July 30th

Join the Boston branch of the International Socialist Organization for an organizing meeting where we'll discuss racism in the Obama era and set our organizing efforts to relate to the activist movements on the ground and project socialist politics across the city. The one-sided and defensive discussion about American racism over the last 30 years has obscured the facts that racism is alive and well and that racially oppressed people are hit hardest by the current economic crises. A more honest look at reality shows the need for more affirmative action, not less. It shows the need for more welfare, more health care programs, child care, food stamps, rent assistance and community clinics--and in black neighborhoods in particular, because they are the ones bearing the brunt of this economic depression. The emerging LGBT movement is attempting to link the struggle against LGBT oppression to racial oppression and local LGBT activists have spoken out against the arrest and racial profiling of Henry Louis Gates. As socialists, we see oppression, both racial and LGBT, linked to the system of capitalism itself because it needs the oppression of many to ensure the profits for a few. Learn more about what the ISO has in the works locally to address inequality today and fight for a socialist future.
Thursday, July 30th
7pm Haymarket People's Fund 42 Seaverns St, JP (ring buzzer #5)
Proposed Agenda:
30 minutes: Discussion about SW article, "A Post-Racist America?"
1 hour: Building a New Left for a New Era in Boston. Two major focal points this fall will be the upcoming LGBT National Equality March October 10-11 and the Northeast Socialist Conference October 23-25th. How we consolidate our resources and project socialist politics here in Boston in the next month will set us up to launch our campus work at UMass Boston and project socialist politics across the city. Excellent background reading about the depth of the economic crisis that will inform the discussion:
10 minutes: announcements