Monday, July 20, 2009

Iran Boils Over - ISO Mtg 7.23 - 7pm

Iran Boils Over! Iranian society is experiencing its greatest upheaval since the 1979 revolution. What began as anger over election fraud exploded into protests of millions of people in the streets of Iran's cities, animated by social and economic grievances and raising the possibility of revolutionary change. Come to an open discussion and to hear Ashley Smith present on the roots of the crisis, the massive social upheaval -- and where the situation might be heading. Thursday, July 23, 7pm Haymarket People's Fund 42 Seaverns St (buzzer #5) Jamaica Plain (orange line to Green St.) Ashley is a member of the editorial board of the International Socialist Review and a member of the International Socialist Organization. Suggested Reading on the Iranian Revolution and Iranian history: Revolutionary Rehearsals ed. Colin Barker - Chapter on Iran Suggested Reading on the current revolt in Iran: For more information, contact