Saturday, July 18, 2009

Return of the Blog

Consider this starting over. This blog has been dormant for too long. There've been protests, not one but two awesome Socialism Conferences, and more than a few outrageous/inspiring world events since we've last updated. So the blog returns, with a makeover and a promise to keep up with our own branch's happenings. A few of the things we've been doing recently:
  • Tom and Khury are currently in Gaza as part of the Viva Palestina aid convoy. After being denied entry by the Egyptian Government the 200 person delegation including George Galloway and Cynthia McKinney finally made it through with supplies to the area devastated by Israel's war earlier this year.
  • We marched in the Pride Parade with activists from Join the Impact, a group with whom we will be working to build a larger movement for LGBT Equality starting with the October 11th National Equality March.
  • We brought over 35 people to the Socialism 2009 Conference in Chicago. Check here for a recap:
  • READING, READING, READING! You have to read to lead. Right now there are small reading groups to read the Struggle for Palestine, Sexuality and Socialism, Women and Socialism, and History of the Russian Revolution to name just a few. Check back for updates.