Monday, August 10, 2009

Report-Back from Palestine

Featuring local activists who just returned from Gaza and the West Bank: Tom Arabia, Gerard “Hozz” Hosman, Khury Peterson-Smith, Madeline Burrows 8pm Saturday, August 15 2009 Palestine Cultural Center for Peace 41 Quint Ave. Allston, MA In an effort to build international solidarity with the Palestinian people, the Viva Palestina humanitarian aid convoy succeeded in breaking the siege of Gaza. Over 90% of those killed from Israel’s recent invasion of Gaza were civilians, and the ongoing blockade is preventing basic necessities such as medical supplies and food from entering Gaza. At the same time, Palestinians in the West Bank also continue to suffer daily from the brutal Israeli occupation, which is supported by billions of US taxpayer dollars every year. Come hear four activists who recently returned from Gaza and the West Bank speak about conditions on the ground and what we can do to build a solidarity movement. All are welcome to attend the event. Invite your neighbors, friends, and activist allies to build solidarity with the Palestinian people. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT 617.970.2701 or