Friday, August 21, 2009

Sexuality and Socialism

Book Discussion Group
Tuesday, August 25th
Same Old Place Pizza, JP
By examining sexual and gender identity through the economic development of human history, Sherry Wolf provides an invaluable resource for understanding the struggle for LGBT rights and the strategy necessary to win liberation. The book takes up the questions like where does oppression come from? How has theory and science been shaped by sexual and gender identity? How does struggle against oppression change public perception and shape public debate? Some theories on sexual and gender oppression can't explain the massive support of LGBT people and straight allies and the growing civil rights movement around LGBT equality. Many theories fall short of providing a strategy for liberation. These theories haven't always existed and didn't just get dreamed up by smart individuals. By examining the history of LGBT struggle and theory, we start to see how the struggle for equality by ordinary people can transform society. The current economic crisis has created the opportunity to build the LGBT movement on a new foundation that unites the LGBT movement for equality with other issues and struggles facing working people--a movement that won't stop until we achieve political, economic, and social liberation for all.
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