Thursday, September 3, 2009

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September-October 2009

Iran: rebellion and reaction

Letter from the editor


Why we shouldn’t wait
Ragina Johnson on marriage equality

…plus Helen Redmond on the great health care swindle
Adam Sanchez on educational apartheid in America
Michael Schwartz on liberalism’s colonial foreign policy
Lee Wengraf on sub-Saharan Africa, the crisis, and U.S. intervention
Antonis Davanellos on the left in Greece after the European elections


Iran: Rebellion and reaction
Lee Sustar and S. Sepehri

Which side are you on? Responses to the Iranian revolt
Phil Gasper • Critical thinking

A fight for more freedom and openness
Interview • Kouross Esmaeli


Crisis and class struggle in China
David Whitehouse

Leonard Peltier and the Indian struggle for freedom
Michele Bollinger

1969: Italy’s “Hot Autumn”
William Keach on the mass strikes and other social struggles that broke out in the late 1960s in Italy


Bill Roberts • Featured review
Eugene Debs and American socialism
Review of Ray Ginger’s The Bending Cross

Ashley Smith • Featured review
Humanitarian imperialism and its apologists
Recent books on humanitarian intervention and international law

Eric Kerl
Debating how to change the world
Staughton Lynd’s conversations with Andrej Grubacic—Wobblies and Zapatistas

…plus Orlando Sepúlveda on the Republic Windows and Doors occupatoin; Dennis Kosuth on a book that takes sides with China’s autocrats; Sarah Knopp on schooling for struggle; Joe Allen on dark secrets of the U.S. occupation of Japan


Union finance and union democracy

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