Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Socialism: What it is and why we need it"

3pm, Thur, Oct 1
Room 3545
Campus Center
UMass Boston


3:15-55pm, Thur, Oct 8
Room 2540
Campus Center
UMass Boston

The word "socialism" has returned to the mainstream of American political debate. But there are widespread misconceptions about what socialism is--and what it isn't.

Republicans fret that the U.S. is fast becoming a socialist country--with government spending on bank bailouts and Barack Obama's proposed health care reform. But the genuine tradition of "socialism from below" means more than state intervention in the economy.

Socialism is really about the struggle to oppose discrimination in all its forms and to put the needs of working people before corporate profits.

Come to a meeting sponsored by the International Socialist Organization to discuss the idea of socialism--and socialist strategies for changing the world.

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