Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ISO Organizing Meeting, 10/7/09

Protesting Proposition 8 in Chicago (Fausto Fernos)ISO Branch Meeting
Thursday, 7pm
Haymarket People's Fund
42 Seaverns Ave, JP

Proposed Agenda:
CERSC Fundrive (presentation without a discussion) - 10 min
National Equality March - 45 min

Northeast Socialist Conference - 45 min

CERSC Fundrive (presentation without a discussion) - 10 min

We will have a brief section to introduce the fundrive that we are beginning for the Center for Economic Research and Social Change (CERSC). CERSC is the non-profit organization that puts out Haymarket Books, the International Socialist Review and sponsors the summer and fall conferences that we organize. At a time when people are questioning capitalism and wondering why is it that Obama has not delivered on his campaign promises, we have a particular task as socialists to project our politics as widely as possible because they can resonating and provide answers for a large swath of people who are looking for answers and alternatives. One of our projects is our publications, which requires significant financial support. Start to figure out what contribution you will be able to make this year (as individual contributions are really what keeps CERSC doing the critical tri-fold work of a publishing house, a magazine, and an ngo on a budget that is unbelievably small and stretched) as well as brainstorming collective fundraising projects that we can work on together. We will continue this discussion on October 22, with a longer discussion section.

National Equality March - 45 min
This weekend we are going down to DC for the National Equality March for LGBT rights. This discussion will focus on both the national perspective for the March and some of our goals for Boston LGBT organizing. We will also be discussing a division of labor for the march itself, since there is a student contingent, JTI contingent and the ISO contingent. Reading these articles will be helpful for discussion.
March info:
Boston bus info (spread word that tickets must be purchased in next 24 hours!)

Northeast Socialist Conference - 45 min
The Northeast Socialist Conference (NESC) is just three weeks away in New York City, Oct 23-25. This year's conference is shaping up to have one of the most impressive conference line-ups ever. The latest addition is that on Friday night, Malalai Joya, a female member of the Afghan Parliament and a fierce opponent of the US occupation and women's oppression, is speaking. 
We still have a lot of work to do for building the conference and registering folks from Boston to go down to the NESC. We want to make the most of this incredible and unique political opportunity. Join us in a discussion about projecting our conference far and wide! Whether you are figuring out whether to go to the conference or thinking about how to convince others to join you there, it is extremely useful to familiarize yourself with the schedule... the more clarity  and specificity you have about which workshops you are going to and what goals you have for your conference experience, then, the more clear it is why the weekend is so CENTRAL to the urgent project of rebuilding a class-struggle Left at this critical, contradictory and crisis-ridden moment in US history, and the easier it will be to explain to others why it is so key that they be there too.
The page of the conference website with video is very useful also: