Sunday, October 4, 2009

March and Rally for Jobs -- Not Greed!

Becca Bor reports on a recent labor rally in Boston.

This past Thursday, October 1st, Jobs with Justice - MA organized a very successful Labor March in Boston as part of a week of action for the G20 protests. The rally was endorsed by 60 unions and organizations in and around Boston and had two main focuses; first, on the unionized Verizon workers (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, IBEW), who have been notified that most likely all workers hired after August 21, 2003 will be laid off; and second, a focus on the recently laid-off Boston Hyatt workers.

The march, which attracted 800-1000 people, winded from the state house, through Downtown Crossing, stopping for a rally with speakers at the Verizon building in Postoffice Sq and ended with an emotional and lively rally outside the downtown Hyatt.

IBEW Verizon workers came out in full force, as did the Hyatt workers. There were also many supporters and community organizations, such as Vida Urbana and Centro Presente.

Ed Fitzpatrick, president of IBEW Local 222, spoke at the rally and made a particulary rousing call for us to stop letting the bosses take what we have fought for. Younger union activists spoke of the need to step up and get active in our unions. Hyatt workers from the three Hyatts in Boston have set up a solidarity network and a number of workers from the Weston came down in solidarity with the Hyatt workers.

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