Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thurs, 10/29, ISO Organizing Meeting

Fifty Boston activists and ISO members just came back from the Northeast Socialist Conference (NESC) where more than 700 people attended a weekend filled with sessions about working class history, oppression, the economic crisis, war and imperialism, the criminal injustice system, and growing movements like the LGBT civil rights movement.

Come to this week's meeting of the International Socialist Organization to discuss a perspective for relating to the issues facing the working class today and the politics necessary to rebuild a left independent from mainstream politics dominated by the corporate backed Democrats and Republicans. Whether or not you attended the NESC, you have something to contribute to the meeting. Our proposal for this week's branch meeting agenda is:

Political and organizational perspectives for Winter organizing (1 hr)
In which we:
- lay out our political perspective
- assess our work this fall
- put forward a branch reorganization plan
- discuss a plan for ourselves and those around us to consolidate our understanding of Marxist politics

Winter Schedule Brainstorming:
15 mins - brainstorm education meetings
15 mins - brainstorm forums and panels, including Haymarket forums (

Thursday, October 29th, 7pm
People's Haymarket Fund
42 Seaverns Street, Jamaica Plain
for more information email or visit