Monday, November 16, 2009

"Building the ISO in this political moment"

talk & discussion featuring speaker, Joel Geier

7PM, Thurs, Nov. 19
Haymarket People's Fund
42 Seaverns Ave., Jamaica Plain

Global economic crisis, in the midst of ongoing war and environmental destruction, has dramatically affected the lives of ordinary people and sharply shifted politics internationally. The richest country in history, stands at its most unequal moment on record, while now over 10% are officially unemployed and two million have lost their homes in one year (with five to seven million more predicted), and states confront a cumulative $162 billion budget gap, leading to massive cuts in social services and jobs despite decades of increasing austerity for workers. A tidal mandate for change won many seats and more promises, but few deeds from Washington.

It is no wonder that in the recent global poll for the BBC World Service, only 11% of those questioned across 27 countries, including the US, said that the free market was working well, and almost a quarter - 23% - responded, “it is fatally flawed and a different system is needed.” The largest organization of its kind in the US, the International Socialist Organization exists for just that—the fight for a different system.

Join the ISO Boston Branch with Joel Geier in a discussion of how the ISO can best be built now, and why it urgently must be.

Joel Geier is Veteran of decades of political struggles in the U.S. He was a leader in the Berkley free speech movement, and the antiwar and social liberation movements of the 60's. He participated in the revolutionary upheavals of France 1968 and Portugal 1974. He is now a leading member of the International Socialist Organization, and associate editor of the International Socialist Review.

Watch video of Geier speaking on, "1968: The Year of Revolt."


7PM, Friday, November 22, at 42 Seaverns Ave, Joel will lead a discussion on the role of socialists in movements--revolutionary strategy and tactics for building the movements of today with a goal of transforming society fundamentally.

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