Monday, November 9, 2009

Emergency Protest if Obama Escalates in Afghanistan

Troops Home Now from Afghanistan!
Stop the Escalation!

President Obama is considering sending more American troops to fight in Afghanistan. But this war isn’t making Americans safer. It is not bringing development, democracy, security, or women’s rights to Afghanistan. It is killing Afghan civilians and U.S./NATO troops. It is stealing badly needed funds from housing, jobs, health care, and climate protection.

If President Obama announces an escalation of troop levels in Afghanistan, peace and justice activists will protest the next day.

Assemble at Park Street on the Boston Common from 4-6 pm for a moving picket line the day after an escalation is announced. Meet at the Brewer fountain, near Park Street Station. Bring banners, signs and costumes.

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Email or call 617-230-9382
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Call 617-491-4UJP or Email

Sponsors: Greater Boston Stop the Wars Coalition & United for Justice with Peace