Monday, January 4, 2010

'Communist Manifesto' Discussion Group

Sunday, Jan. 10th, 2:30pm at Au Bon Pain in Central Sq (on Mass. Ave)


Wednesday, Jan. 13, 7pm at J.P Licks in Jamaica Plain, (Centre St.)

Text: The Communist manifesto: a road map to history's most important political document, ed., Phil Gasper (Haymarket Books, 2005)*, Google Book hyperlinked above, purchasable here, or at Boston ISO weekly meetings.  Contact information below.
Join us for a discussion of this most classic of socialist literature, which outlines an evergreen condemnation of capitalism, and a way forward for the oppressed and exploited majority.  In the context of global economic crisis, these words leap off the page!  There is no better way to learn and understand this work than by reading and discussing it with others who want to not only know it, but also want to use it for our own efforts to change the world.

Required readings are Part I, II, and IV of original text, available online at Marxists Internet Archive.

Study questions start on page 194, choose several ahead of time that you would like to discuss.

* An authoritative, accessible introduction to the Communist Manifesto. Since it was first written in 1848, it has been banned, censored, burned and repeated declared “dead.” But year after year, the text grows only more influential. It has been translated into more languages than any other text, and remains required reading in courses on philosophy, politics, sociology, economics, and history.

This beautifully organized, fully annotated edition of the Communist Manifesto is complete with historical references and explication, additional related texts and a thorough glossary, bringing the Manifesto to life for today’s readers.
Phil Gasper is on the editorial board of-and writes the bimonthly "Critical Thinking" column for-the International Socialist Review, and is a contributor to Socialist Worker, CounterPunch, ZNet, and MRzine. He was professor emeritus at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California. He previously taught at Cornell University, the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), Middlebury College, the University of California San Diego, and Stanford University.
“What Gasper does is to remind us how relevant the Manifesto is to our world today. His introduction and afterword are useful guides to the Manifesto and to its importance in our time. His notes give us fascinating tidbits of information which a thoughtful reader will find extremely valuable…. An indispensable addition to anyone’s library.”
--Howard Zinn

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