Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"LGBT Rights: Making An Impact," March 26-28

Northeast Regional LGBT Conference
March 26-28, 2010
Somerville, MA

Interested in getting involved in the struggle for full Federal equality for ALL?

Interested in organizing a Northeast Regional conference to continue to build a grassroots movement for LGBT rights?

Join The Impact Massachusetts has started organizing for an Equality Across America affiliated regional conference that will take place in March in Somerville MA (just outside of Boston).  This conference will be targeted to the entire Northeast region of the United States.  And we want to get lots of other regional organizations and interested folks involved!

Our One Single Demand:

We are guaranteed equal protection under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. Free and equal people do not bargain for or prioritize our rights. Full equality necessarily includes all members of the LGBT community and encompasses, but is not limited to:
  • The right to work our jobs and go to school free of harassment and discrimination.
  • The right to safety in our daily lives, and protection from hate crimes.
  • The right to equitable healthcare, and the right to donate blood.
  • The right to equitable immigration policies.
  • The right to marry.
  • The right to serve in the military openly.

The purpose of this conference is to reach out to people throughout the region who are interested in getting involved (or more involved) with the grass roots movement to realize full federal equality for all LGBTQ individuals.  Our goal is for attendees to come away with:

- a better of understanding of what full equality really means,
- a better understanding of the history of the LGBTQ rights movement,
- a better understanding of the history of the civil rights movements of the 1960's and 70's and what we can learn from those movements,
- a better understanding of the strategies and tactics that can be used to gain full federal equality,
- connections to other activists and grassroots organizations that are currently working toward full federal equality, and 
- a concrete list of next steps for both local and regional actions.

Let us know if you're interested in endorsing the conference, hosting/leading one of the workshops, or helping to organize the event.  We can't wait to have you on board!

Next organizing conference call:
Sunday, Jan. 17, 2pm

Conference Call Info:

Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 844-0850
Participant Access Code: 1028212#

Please contact us at 
lgbtrightsmakinganimpact@gmail.com for more information or join http://groups.google.com/group/jtima2010conferencecommitte

Sponsored by: Join the Impact Massachusetts, Cambridge Welcoming Ministries, Equality Across America, add your group name to our sponsors list.

Location for conference:
14 Chapel Street, Somerville, MA (facilities located inside College Avenue United Methodist Church)