Friday, January 15, 2010

New Jan-Feb Issue of ISR Out Now!

January-February 2010

The Obama Doctrine  
The new war plan for Afghanistan


Meet the new boss


Lee Sustar
Public sector workers under the gun

Lance Selfa
Can the right stage a comeback?


Phil Gasper • Critical Thinking
The legacy of Stalinism


Petrino DiLeo
Unemployment: A lost decade for workers? 

Sherry Wolf
What next for the LGBT struggle?

David Whitehouse
Afghanistan: Sinking deeper

Arundhati Roy
Mr. Chidambaram’s war
India’s war on its indigenous peoples on behalf of corporate interests 

Jeff Bale
The fight for bilingual education


Brian Jones
Fifty years since the civil rights sit-ins

Lee Sustar
Ten years on: The Battle in Seattle and the global justice struggle

Chris Harman
Classic of Marxism: How the Russian Revolution was lost


Lichi D’Amelio
An Afghan woman’s case against the U.S. war
Malalai Joya’s A Woman Among Warlords

…plus Ashley Smith on Pakistan and the U.S.; Helen Redmond on the drug war in the heartland; Lee Wengraf on the roots of Black poverty; Lance Selfa on labor’s war zone in the 1990s; Alessandro Tinonga on the crash in Ireland; Petrino DiLeo on how mainstream economics is rigged to serve the rich