Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eviction Blockade in Dorchester

Eviction Blockade Planned

Demand Bank of America take the rent or sell at real value

Friday, Feb. 19, 8:30 am

62 Shepton St., Dorchester
(off Dorchester Ave., about 5 blocks north of Ashmont Station)

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     The Nguyen family has lived in Dorchester since 1982.  They purchased their current home 13 years ago.  Their small business is well known in the area. 
     The Nguyen family faces eviction by the constable on Friday morning, Feb. 19, at 9 am.  We will block this eviction!
     The family suffered economic difficulties in the current recession.  Their business suffered and Mrs. Nguyen lost her job.  This is the same recession caused by the actions of large Wall St. Banks.
     However, now the business has recovered and Mrs. Nguyen is working again. The family has the income to pay rent to the bank and stay in their home.  The family has the money to repurchase their home at current real value.  The non-profit lender we work with, Boston Community Capital, will hopefully make an offer to buy the property in the next couple days.
     There is no reason for this eviction.  The Bank originally got an eviction for last Friday.  Intervention by local political leaders, Councilors Feeney and Arroyo, postponed the eviction until this Friday without a blockade.  The eviction should be postponed again while negotiations on rent or sale are concluded.
     After protest after protest last year at their branch offices, Bank of America made a move in the right direction by considering sale of occupied foreclosed property to the City (without eviction).  They should do the same here.
     This eviction is further evidence that Banks should stop ALL post-foreclosure, no-fault evictions.  Legislation pending at the StateHouse would require that banks have a reason to evict.  It is currently in Housing committee.


Vigil downtown to protest eviction of East Boston tenants by Paul Roiff

     Paul Roiff is a wealthy man.  He owns fancy restaurants in Boston and a plush hotel.  He is also evicting East Boston tenants from a building he purchased after foreclosure.  We will have a series of vigils at different locations to show Paul Roiff that this is not acceptable, and that we know where his busiinesses are. 

Friday, 6-7 pm, Teatro, 177 Tremont, next to Boston Common theater

All actions above organized by City Life/Vida Urbana