Friday, February 26, 2010

March 4th: UMass Boston Rally & Teach-In, "Education Justice National Day of Action"

Rally, 12-2pm, Campus Center courtyard

Teach-In, 4-7pm, McCormack Hall, 3rd fl, Rm 201

March 4th, 2010 is a national Day of Action to Defend Education; a call to solidarity by students involved in the recent occupations of the University of California systems.

At UMass Boston, we will have a day of rallies, speak outs, teach ins, and mobilization planning!

We Demand:

-Respect negotiated contracts - we can't afford any less!
-No tuition or fee hikes!
-No to privatization! Privatization and outsourcing are union busting.
-An expansion of high quality programs and services
-Tax big corporations to pay for affordable public education for all.

In the face of over $300 million in attacks on the University of California system - workers, students and faculty along with community members have built mass protests, strikes and even student occupations of administration buildings to fight hte budget cuts to education. Workers refused to cross picket lines and students walked out of classes in protest when threats of layoffs came down from politicians.

The coalitions in California of unions and students are calling for a March 4th National Day of Action to Defend Public Education. This call is being taken up by students, staff and educators throughout the country. UMass unions and students should consider linking arms on this day to defend education, stop union busting and point to a better future.

Join us at the Campus Center courtyard from 12noon-2pm, and to be followed up by a teach-in and discussion of strategies to defend public higher education.

Teach-In, Speak Out and Discuss:
March 4th 4-7pm 3rd floor, Room 201 in McCormack

Massachusetts has cut support for public higher education by 37% since September 2008! Students have seen an increase of $400 per semester. With stimulus money drying up it's more than likely the original proposal of $1500 increase will be implemented. The UMass Boston unions are being asked to reopened their already ratified contracts. This is an attempt to get the workers to give further concessions - after union members have already seen increases in health insurance costs, with many members underpaid and over worked. All of this is happening while UMass Boston has bought the Bayside Exposition Center and given another raise to the president of the UMass system.

Workers and students have the same interests.
We need to discuss, organize and fight back!

For more information visit the Facebook page for this event.