Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thurs, 4/8, ISO Organizing Meeting: "Building for SOCIALISM 2010"

Thursday, April 8, 7pm
Haymarket People's Fund
42 Seaverns Ave, JP

In 10 and a half weeks we will be heading to Chicago for the Socialism 2010 Conference, June 17-21. In the context of an economy in shambles and the continuation of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Socialism 2010 will provide an unparalleled opportunity for new and veteran activists and scholars to explore questions about how we got into this mess and how we can get out of it. 

Join us this week in a discussion about how we can schedule the next 10 weeks here in Boston to best take advantage of the growing interest in socialist politics, while providing the space and time to assess the work that we are involved in. Along with proposing a schedule, this week's branch meeting will discuss how we can organize our division of labor so that we can be both integrated in the long term movement work that our branch has been involved in, as well as simultaneously projecting our politics broadly and developing ourselves and those around us as Marxists.

Proposed Agenda:

Next Stop: Socialism 2010
(Our Spring Schedule) - 45 min
Division of Labor - 60 min
Vote - 15 min