Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Fighting for Immigrant Rights and a World Without Borders!"

Thursday, May 13, 7pm
Haymarket People's Fund
42 Seaverns Ave, Jamaica Plain

Join the International Socialist Organization in a discussion about the impressive response to the racist Arizona immigration bill, SB1070, that legalized racial profiling and criminalized immigrants. Outrage has been expressed nationally from the state house and schools of Arizona, to cities around the country, to the stadiums wherever the Diamondbacks play, to the courts of Los Suns. Immigrants and their allies, students, labor unions, LGBT activists, civil rights activists came out to reject racism and demand a different way forward for immigration reform. 
This response demonstrates the desire of people, immigrants and their allies, to reject the notion that humans are illegal and creates space for a discussion of what type of world we want to create - one without borders, without criminalization of people trying to support their families and without exploitation. To create this world, we need a Left able to challenge the policy in Congress that is cloaked as reform and present an alternative. A Left that has debated, discussed, learned, read, and experienced Socialism 2010.

1. Boycott Arizona and fight for a world without borders: all roads lead to Socialism 2010 - 1 hour

2. A Case for Socialism: preparing our meeting on June 3rd - 20 mins

3. Meaning of Marxism and education plan clarification - 10 mins

4. Education meeting reading proposal - 10 mins

5. Announcements