Monday, May 3, 2010

Tell Salem State College to Stop Housing Discrimination!

Salem State College in Massachusetts is refusing to grant a transitioned female student housing in a female-only complex for the 2010-2011 school year. The college has repeatedly said that they base housing decisions on "biological sex," and though this student is legally recognized as female by the state of Massachusetts, the college won't budge.

As the student told a campus publication, "This is a sex identity issue and sexual discrimination issue. I would like to have female housing because my license says I am female. I don't identify as transgendered; I identify as female."

Indeed, if the student were to start school tomorrow at Salem State, and indicate female on her housing form, there would be no problem. It's only that the college knows, through non-legal paperwork, that the student was born male -- that's what they're basing their decision on.

But that's simply not acceptable. When a student identifies as female, and when a state recognizes that identity as well, there's no reason a college shouldn't follow suit. Urge Salem State College to act accordingly and change their housing policies to reflect the best interests of all Salem State College students.