Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thurs, 7/29, ISO Organizing Meeting

Perspectives, assessments, and Haymarket Books
7pm, Hope Church, 85 Seaverns Ave, Jamaica Plain, MA (map)

The proposal for this week's ISO meeting is to discuss perspectives and a branch assessment, as well as Haymarket Books. On the first point, we want to continue to discuss the political moment that we're in and how it affects our work. In preparation, people should read David McNally's pieces on the global economic crisis, "The Mutating Crisis of global capitalism" and "The Human recession"

We want this perspective on the political moment to frame an assessment of our branch's progress toward goals we set at the beginning of the summer. Those goals include: embarking on a serious branch education plan, facilitating the development and work of a new layer of branch leadership, using Socialist Worker more as a resource in our branch and re-establishing Socialist Worker tabling and contact work routines.

We are also proposing that we discuss Haymarket Books. We aim for Haymarket to play a central role in the rebuilding of the left, but we haven't talked about it in the branch in ages. We want a discussion of Haymarket's use as a resource in our branch as well as a tool to project our politics and meet new people open to radical politics. It is exciting that three different Haymarket authors have approached our branch to ask us to organize events for their new books this fall! We should discuss whether we want to take these on and other ways to use Haymarket in our work.

The agenda proposal is:

1. Political perspectives and Boston branch assessment (1 hour)
2. Using Haymarket Books in Boston (40 mins)
3. Announcements