Thursday, August 12, 2010

Upcoming labor rallies for jobs - 8/17, 9/6, 9/15

We need to fight for jobs!
The epic Jobs Crisis we find ourselves in has been dragging on for over a year, and shows little sign of improving. In fact, it may even be worsening, given the continuing layoffs of public sector employees, and persistent corporate greed which has turned the economic crisis into another opportunity to cut jobs, as well as health benefits, pensions, and pay for private sector workers. 

In light of this dim outlook for employment, our elected officials should be taking bold measures to support unemployed workers and put people back to work. Instead, they have been dragging their feet to provide even the most basic assistance, with the excuse that the deficit has tied their hands. In the face of such lack of leadership in Washington, we have been working with a coalition of labor and community groups to fight for FMAP funding (money to the states for Medicaid, education, and other vital services), unemployment benefit extensions, and job creation legislation. Unemployment benefits and FMAP funds have been extended recently, but the processes were delayed and the funding falls far short of what's needed, which shows us that future fights for what we need will be difficult.

In particular Senator Scott Brown has been blocking needed jobs creation legislation.

Help Us Demand Job Creation Now!

Rally for Jobs on Tuesday, August 17
12:00 Noon, JFK Federal Building
Protest Scott Brown's NO vote on federal stimulus money for Massachusetts; tell stories of the people who lost their jobs during the economic crisis, and what vital services have been lost as a result.

Labor Day Rally and March
Monday, Sept. 6, at 12:00 Noon, Boston Common
Send a message to all our elected officials that we need jobs, jobs, and jobs!

Jobs with Justice National Day of Action for Jobs
Wednesday, September 15-- Details TBD. We are declaring a “Jobs Emergency” and this could be an opportunity for smaller, targeted actions in many cities throughout the state.

One Nation March in Washington, DC
Saturday, October 2--Many organizations and unions are bringing together up to a million people to demand an economy that works for us! Click here for more info

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