Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wed, 8/4, "Homophobia on Trial: Prop 8 Day of Decision Rally"

The following is taken from the Join the Impact Massachusetts facebook page for this event.

The constitutionality of anti-gay Proposition 8 (overturning marriage equality) will be decided by Judge Walker in California tomorrow -- decision to be released around 1-3pm. This is ENORMOUS. The fight for same-sex marriage may change tomorrow; as a group that was founded for this very reason, WE WILL RESPOND


COPLEY SQUARE, BOSTON, 6 P.M., Wed, 8/4/10

- White flowers
- Cakes with white frosting
- Rainbow flags or banners
- Posters with pro-marriage equality messaging (the decision should be released by 3 p.m. EDT)

- White t-shirts or shirts

PLEASE forward this widely! Share with anyone you know who cares about marriage equality!

See you there!!