Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thurs, 9/16, ISO Meeting: "Mobilizing for the Oct. 2nd March for Jobs"

7pm, Haymarket People’s Fund, 42 Seaverns Ave, JP (map)

The deepening economic crisis, escalation of the US' occupation of Afghanistan, and continued attack on the working class are producing major disappointment with the Obama administration. With those who were hopeful about a change from the disasters of the Bush administration disheartened to see those disasters continue and worsen, the right-wing is on the offensive.

The mass mobilization this October 2 will be the greatest opportunity since last year's National Equality March to argue for a different agenda--different from the racism and "small government" of the right, but also different from the budget slashing policies of the Democrats. But there are many questions regarding this march: the organizers want this to be a "get out the vote" event for the Democrats in November--how much room is there for different perspectives? How does Oct 2 fit in with immigrant rights, lgbt organizing, housing justice, and other areas of work that we're involved with in Boston. And where does this action fit in with our ongoing goal of growing our branch here in Boston?

In preparation for this discussion, please read the current editorial on, How do we build the struggle we need?

People are also encouraged to read Too late and way too little, about the Obama administration's latest "non-stimulus" proposal and Preparing for a Republican comeback? in the current ISR.

At this meeting we are also hoping to assess our summer study series on the fundamentals of Marxism. Please bring your assessments, which we can draw on as our next education meeting on Civil War in France approaches.

Proposed agenda:

1. Mobilizing in Boston for October 2 (50 minutes)
2. Assessing our summer education (40 minutes)