Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thurs, 10/28, ISO Meeting: "Resisting Attacks on Our Civil Liberties - From FBI Raids to Islamophobia"

7pm, Haymarket People’s Fund, 42 Seaverns Ave, JP (map)

Last month, FBI agents raided the homes of activists in Illinois and Minnesota, accusing them of "material support of terrorism". However, no arrests were made and it's clear that the Obama administration has targeted activists in order to intimidate them, and others on the left.

The raids come at a time of severe economic hardship for ordinary people, leaving many angry at a system that bails out banks and the rich, but cuts jobs and our public schools. At times like these, the FBI can be a useful tool to make people fear protest. But it is possible to organize against these attacks on our rights!

In light of these FBI raids, the discussion on building an ISO-sponsored, Anti-Islamophobia Forum is now especially relevant. How can we best organize with Tarek Mehanna for this event (a Muslim man who's been imprisoned in solitary confinement for a year for refusing to inform for the FBI)? What can we do to work with other organizations in the city on this?

Please read the following articles to help inform the discussion:

ISO Statement on the Raids
Spies, Lies and War: The Lessons of COINTELPRO
Federal Bureau of Intimidation

Proposed Agenda:

1. Understanding the FBI Raids against activists - 45 mins
2. Building the Anti-Islamophobia Panel on Nov. 10th - 45 mins
3. Branch Leadership Proposal - 15 mins
4. Announcements