Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thurs, 11/11, ISO Meeting, "Assessing the Elections; Black Liberation & Socialism; and more!"

7pm, Haymarket People’s Fund, 42 Seaverns Ave, JP (map)

The November 2nd elections saw Democrats losing the significant majorities in the House and Senate that they'd held since 2006, the Tea Party ascending to key positions of power, and a resurgence of a Republican Party that was pronounced dead only two years ago. How did this happen?

The official verdict is that this proves America is a center-right nation and the Obama administration's policies of bailouts for Wall Street, escalation of wars and massive federal and state budget cuts over the past two years were 'too left-wing' for millions of Americans.

But the resurgence of the Republican Party and the rise of the far-right are a result of the failure of the Democrats to provide any real solutions to the economic crisis for millions of working class people, while escalating the assault on living standards of workers and pandering to the scapegoating of immigrants and Muslims.

Two years after millions of people elected the first Black president in a country founded on slavery, the devastation of Black America has only deepened further -- Black unemployment is as high as 16%, the foreclosure rate for Black homeowners is 50% higher than for whites, affirmative action programs are being dismantled in states across the country.

In this supposed "post-racial America", there are now zero African-Americans remaining in the U.S. Senate and 90% of Black children will need to use food stamps at one point in their lives -- all while Tea Party racists level unopposed attacks against civil rights organizations.

Join the Boston branch of the International Socialist Organization as we discuss political perspectives around the midterm elections, our Black Liberation and Socialism conference on November 20th at UMass Boston, as well as an assessment of our work around LGBT rights activism in the city.

Recommended readings for this discussion:

How Obama Got From Hope to Hopeless
How the Right Redefined Racism
Black America's Economic Freefall
White Ex-Officer's Sentence Spurs Oakland Protest

Proposed Agenda:

1-Political Perspectives on Midterm Elections (40 min)
2-Political Perspectives for Black Liberation & Socialism Conference (40 min)
3-Assessment on LGBT Rights Work (30 min)
4-Announcements (5 min)