Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thurs, 1/20, ISO Meeting, "Taking on the Global Reach of Privatization and Corporate Greed"

7pm, Haymarket People's Fund, 42 Seaverns Ave, Jamaica Plain (map)

This week’s organizing meeting of the ISO examines the revolutionary events unfolding before our eyes in Tunisia and digs into the accelerated assault on public education here in the US. The four weeks of protests that toppled Ben Ali’s 23-year rule as a dictator in a country mired in unemployment, inflation, and rising food prices at the hands of Tunisia’s ruling elite, multi-national corporations, and support from governments like France and the United States are inspiring working and unemployed people across the region. The same strategy to privatize land in North Africa creating the conditions at the center of the anger with Tunisia’s government is the same strategy that has been set up over the last two decades in the US to dismantle the very concept of “free education for all.”

Whether the Tunisian working class can play a significant role in linking the protests of the unemployed into a movement for radical social change will play out in the next days and weeks inspiring working people around the globe. Our work in Boston to build the kind of movement needed to defend our schools and transform public education is just beginning. Join us at this week’s organizing meeting to examine the connection between these seemingly separate struggles and how we can build a public forum in the coming weeks exposing the ruthlessness behind the closing or merging of more than 18 public schools in Boston, the attempt to dismantle our entire public education system, and what we can do to stop it.

Proposed Agenda:

* Discussion of A revolution unfolds in Tunisia
Additional background reading: The revolt of the hungry
* Discussion of Obama’s Neoliberal Agenda for Education
Additional background reading: Charter schools and the attack on public education
* Logistics and planning for a public forum on "Resisting the Attacks on Public Education"