Monday, January 24, 2011

Thurs, 1/27, ISO Meeting, "Can Socialism Become Popular in the Age of Austerity? Perspectives for Building the ISO Today"

7pm, First Baptist Church, 633 Centre St, Jamaica Plain (map)

School closings, lower wages, increasing debt, and ongoing budgets cuts have become the new normal in the United States and around the world. Despite the ruling elite and corporate media's message of "shared sacrifice", working people are suffering the consequences of the "Great Recession". The idea that something is fundamentally wrong with this system has become an accepted idea for people around the world, as revolts have exploded across Europe and Tunisia. At the same time, especially in the U.S., many people question if they can do anything to change their reality, as mainstream politics seems to shift rightward. The current political period provides both important opportunities and obstacles for those seeking to win others to the project of Socialism today.

Come join the Boston Branch of the ISO in a discussion of building the ISO today, maintaining political professionalism, and building the upcoming "Case for Socialism" meetings at Harvard and UMass-Boston.

Check out these articles to help inform the discussion:

The Revolt of the Hungry (analysis of the revolution in Tunisia)

Its What They Say Not How They Say It (analysis of US politics and the response to the Arizona Shooting)

Proposed Agenda:
1) Can We Grow? A Perspective for Building the ISO Today - 40 min
2) Maintaining Political Professionalism - 30min
3) Building "Case for Socialism" meetings at Harvard and UMass-Boston - 30 min