Monday, January 24, 2011

Tues, 1/25, "Watch Obama's State of the Union address with the Socialists!"

After two years of compromising on every promise he made, we can continue to expect more of the same from Obama in his State of the Union Address. From escalating the war in Afghanistan, to refusing to push for taxing the rich and corporations, to failing provide on the wealth of promises he made to LGBT people, the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party has demonstrated it's commitment to Corporate America and Washington "Politics as Usual".

And instead of challenging the Republican Party's right wing assault against working class and oppressed people, the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration have capitulated every step along the way. But as we have seen through out Europe and Tunisia, people are beginning to fight back against the global program of austerity and budget cut being waged against working people.

Come join other socialists and radicals in watching Obama's State of the Union Address and join in an informal discussion afterward. There will be food and drinks!


8:30pm, Tues, Jan 25th
145 Millet St, Apt 1
Dorchester, MA 02124

Only a five minute walk from the Red Line Shawmut T Stop in Dorchester.
Rides can be organized to pick people up and bring them back to the T if its too cold.