Monday, February 21, 2011

Sat, 2/26, "Protect Women's Rights - Walk for Choice!"


In the last few weeks many alarming bills have been produced in the new Republican-majority Congress to reduce access to abortion and other reproductive health services (see details).

Put together these bills are a coordinated attack on women's rights. To defend our access to medical care and legal rights, we must come together visibly and in great numbers to show our opposition. Join us on a day of marches across the US and around the world in support of women's rights, called the Walk for Choice on February 26th.

International Walk for Choice 2011 will be on Saturday, February 26th at 12pm in the city of Boston, and at other locations around the world. THE LOCATION AND ROUTE OF THE WALK WILL BE SENT OUT THE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT.

Check back here for forthcoming details.

Click here to download flyer.