Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thurs, 2/24, Public Forum, ''From Egypt to Wisconsin: Class Struggle is Back!''

7pm, Haymarket People's Fund, 42 Seaverns Ave, Jamaica Plain (map)

From Tunisia to Egypt to Wisconsin, the last month has shown the world that real change comes from below. Masses of ordinary people and workers are demanding democracy and control over their own lives.

These are exciting and significant developments. As socialists and radicals we need to do everything we can to support the ongoing struggles of people across the Arab world and link it to the fight against austerity and union busting in Wisconsin. We have a role to play here in the belly of the beast!

World events are showing concretely that revolution is possible. Join the International Socialist Organization in a discussion of what this means for activists in the U.S. and how we can build on this serious momentum on campuses and in our communities and workplaces over the next semester.