Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sat, 4/9, Antiwar Protest, "Get On The Bus Boston! U.S. out of the Middle East!"


All out for the April 9 Antiwar March and Rally in New York City! Expected to be the largest antiwar demonstration in years – Don’t miss it!

We see popular uprisings for food, for freedom, for self-determination, and for peace around the world. In the United States, the people of Wisconsin showed us the way to resist massive cutbacks for so-called “deficits” due to war spending in the trillions and bailouts for the obscenely rich.

We’ve been quiet too long. It is time to join forces to demand an end to the wars abroad and the wars at home. We will march on April 9 and we will continue to march because WE ARE THE PEACEMAKERS and we demand a better world.


There is only 1 week left to the demonstration but we need your bus reservation by Monday and your payment by Tuesday! The buses are filling up fast. Get your bus seat now!!

Boston UNAC is organizing buses to New York for the April 9th march and rally. Bus tickets are $40 per seat. Buy yours now! Your early purchase of a ticket helps us fund our activities.

What can you do?

Volunteers needed to help at the demonstration – marshalls, fundraising collection, etc. Please let us know if you are available.

There will be contingents marching together in New York, including United Palestine Solidarity Contingent, student contingent and others. Check national website for details.

Contribute: We rely on volunteer labor. No one at Boston UNAC gets a salary. We need funds to help build this march. We ask individuals and organizations to contribute what they can – even if it’s just a few bucks. Unlike the banks and the rich, Boston UNAC did not get a government bailout. We don’t get corporate or foundation grants.

It’s folks like yourself that make this organizing possible. You can donate online or by sending a check made to New England United to Boston UNAC c/o Encuentro 5, 33 Harrison Ave 5th floor, Boston, MA 02111.

We are also asking organizations and individuals to pre-pay for bus tickets.

Buses from Roxbury Community College Parking Lot, Cedar St and Columbus Ave, Boston leave at 7:00 am on April 9. Reservations cost $40/person (round trip) while they last, with $5 or more requested for the transportation subsidy fund, primarily for students. There is on-street parking available in the vicinity.

Reserve your seat and pay for it online at

Organizing costs money. We want to be able to offer scholarship tickets to unemployed people or students. Help out by donating.

How to do this?

* If you have already bought your ticket, consider giving a contribution - even a small one.
* If you cannot go to NY on the 9th consider donating the equivalent of a ticket for a scholarship for a student or unemployed person.

All Out April 9th in New York!

Volunteer: Sign up for the outreach and visibility committee. Or join us out in the streets as we petition to Bring the War Dollars Home and let the community know about April 9. To volunteer, contact

Come to our next meeting - for details contact or 267.994.9448.

Endorse: Ask your Church, Mosque, community organization, student group or union to endorse the April 9th March and Rally.

When they do, urge them to contribute to the mobilization at