Thursday, July 7, 2011

ISO Boston Branch Meeting Thursday July 7: Reportback from the Socialism 2011 Conference

We just attended an amazing conference-- Socialism 2011-- with 1300+ other socialists and radicals from around the country and around the world. We discussed many topics from where racism comes from to the need for a new abortion rights movement to the Egyptian revolution to sexuality under capitalism to why we need a revolutionary party.

Tomorrow evening we will have our regular Thursday night meeting. The proposed agenda for the meeting is:
1. Reportback from the conference: What did we learn? What questions were brought up?
2. Discussion of summer plans: What do we want to do now, coming out of the conference? What do we want to read and study? What areas of work do we want to engage in this summer?
We will meet at our regular time, 7pm, at the Haymarket People's Fund in Jamaica Plain (42 Seaverns Ave). Ring doorbell #4.