Monday, August 15, 2011

Sun, 8/21, ISR discussion of "Marxism, Unions, and Class Struggle"

Join the Boston District of the International Socialist Organization
for an  International Socialist Review discussion night on...

by Sharon Smith 

Sunday, August 21st
Doyles Bar & Restaurant
3484 Washington St
Jamaica Plain MA

From the article:

"Recognizing when the time is approaching for a surge in class struggle is essential to preparing for its arrival. The outbreak of class struggle in Wisconsin, and indeed throughout the Midwest, marks the opening battle of a future era of class conflict. It takes place in the context of a protracted and severe economic crisis that began with the onset of the Great Recession and still shows no sign of significant rebound, despite the restoration of corporate profits. The excesses of neoliberal policy caused the financial meltdown of 2008, yet neoliberalism persists. The corporate class will continue its assault on workers until the class struggle forces a shift in the balance of class forces."