Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thurs 8/25 "Lessons of the Verizon Strike"

The recent strike against Verizon by 45,000 members of IBEW and CWA unions on the east coast has been called "the Wisconsin of the private sector". A clear stand against corporate greed and union busting, the strike tapped into the anger that exists in broader society today - against the super-rich who profit from their attacks on us, and with ordinary workers. The strike also saw a revival of militancy on the strike - continuous workplace pickets that included non-union wireless stores that hit the corporate wallet hard and mobile pickets that protested scab trucks, amongst other tactics. Now the strike has been called off without a new contract - what does this mean for workers at Verizon? What lessons can we draw about the growth of the labor and working class movements?

Join the Boston branch of the International Socialist Organization in a discussion on the lessons of the strike. We will also begin a discussion on setting up our branch for the Fall.

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Proposed agenda:
1) Lessons of the Verizon strike - 60 minutes
2) Lenin and the Revolutionary Party motivation - 10 minutes
3) Announcements - 5 minutes
2) Branch breakouts - 60 minutes

Haymarket People's Fund Building
7pm, Thursday, August 25
42 Seaverns Ave., Jamaica Plain
5 min walk from Green St T Stop on Orange Line