Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thurs, 10/6: District-wide organizing meeting for the ISO - Greater Boston

7pm, Thursday, October 6
Harvard University
Jefferson Labs (see "Jefferson" here), room 256
17 Oxford St., Cambridge, MA

Occupy Wall Street has captured the world's imagination for nearly three weeks now, and it's obvious why. "The 99%" — check out this site, "We Are the 99%" — are unwilling to accept a system that treats banks as too big to fail, but the rest of us as too small to matter. Activists have started their own occupations modeled off of Occupy Wall St. in their own cities, including here in Boston.

Organized labor has stepped up its game in recent weeks. As Socialist Worker reported:
The struggles are varied. They include teachers who defied a judge's order to win a strike in Tacoma, Wash.; hospital workers who struck the Kaiser health care system in California for two days, with nurses honoring the walkout; professors on the picket line at Long Island University in New York; Hyatt hotel workers carrying out a weeklong strike at six hotels in four cities; members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) blocking trains filled with scab cargo at the port of Longview, Wash.; a strike at the Central Park Boathouse restaurant in New York City against a notorious union-buster; and the beginnings of a campaign by postal workers' unions against the assault on their members at the U.S. Postal Service.
With approval ratings for official politics incredibly low (Congress, Obama, or the Republicans who want to replace him) and willingness to take on the status quo on full display, this is a time when more people are looking for an alternative to capitalism and a strategy for confronting it. Socialists believe that those who recognize the capitalist system is the problem need to organize collectively to challenge it.

Join us to strategize about how best to put this into practice in Boston and how to make our upcoming conference — the New England Socialist Conference all weekend long, from 11/12–11/13, which will attract hundreds of socialists and sympathizers from around New England — as big and bold as possible.

Proposed agenda:

1. Perspectives for Boston - 1 hour
2. Occupy Boston - 45 minutes
3. Branch breakouts (agendas to be proposed in individual branches) - 30 minutes