Monday, December 12, 2011

Fri, 12/16, "Pack the courtroom! Stand with Occupy Boston activists facing charges!"

Friday, December 16th, 8am-11am

Boston Municipal Court
24 New Chardon Street
Boston, MA (see map)

On October 11, 141 protesters in Occupy Boston were arrested on the Rose Kennedy Greenway for seeking to expand the encampment beyond Dewey Square. Twenty protesters are still facing the charges of Unlawful Assembly and Trespassing.

Stand with those facing charges. By expanding the Occupy Boston camp and building the movement, these protesters did nothing wrong. That the city is prosecuting Occupy Boston protesters is part of a nationwide attack on our movement through police repression. Meanwhile, no corporate or bank executives are being charged for their crimes in putting generations of people in debt, gambling with our futures, laying off workers and foreclosing on our homes.

At 8:15, there will be a press conference in front of the court. The hearing begins at 9. This is not the trial, but rather a preliminary hearing to determine the course of the trial. We are asking for you to sit with us in support. Our movement must defend itself.

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