Friday, December 2, 2011

Thurs, 12/8, Forum, "From Global Revolt to Revolution: How do we get from here to there?"

2011 has been a year of global resistance. From the Arab Spring to the American Fall, people around the world have begun organizing in opposition to a system of war, inequality, racism, sexism, homophobia, dictatorship, and alienation. The idea that another world is possible is now on the minds of millions around the globe.

Yet there are also challenges. The Egyptian military and the movement in Tahrir Square battles over what comes next after Mubarak. And governments across the United States and Europe try to figure out ways to silence those who stand up to the banks and their plans for austerity.

We think there needs to be a revolution to bring about a new society, based in our power as workers, run democratically from the bottom up. But to win that society, we need to organize and figure out how to turn a society run by and for the 1% into one that is run by and for the 99%.


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