Friday, December 2, 2011

Tues, 12/6, "Pre-Trial Hearing for Shaun Joseph, Arrested at Rumsfeld Protest"


First Pre-Trial Hearing
Tuesday, December 6, 9AM
Courtroom 11, Boston Municipal Court
24 New Chardon St, Boston MA
(near Haymarket Station Orange/Green Line T; or Bowdoin Station Blue Line T)

On September 26, known war criminal Donald Rumsfeld--a man charged with torture in at least four countries and currently being sued for torturing two US citizens--came to Boston to sell his memoir. During a nonviolent protest at Rumsfeld's appearance, antiwar activist Dr. Shaun Joseph was brutally tackled by police and arrested on false charges of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

Dr. Joseph, who has no criminal record, maintains his complete innocence. Why did the police arrest a nonviolent protester--and not the notorious liar who pushed the country into a series of brutal wars? Don't let them get away with this attack on our right to assemble and speak out!

This is the first pre-trial hearing, so we don't expect much "Law & Order" courtroom drama now (or actually ever). Don't feel bad if you want to make it but can't--there will be more opportunities to show support in the coming weeks and months. But community support is always welcome and important!

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