Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wed, 2/1, "Organize AGAINST Anti-Teacher Ballot Initiative"

Wednesday February 1, 6-8pm

Madison Park High-School
75 Malcolm X Blvd.

Roxbury, MA 02120
(Look for signs or call 917-414-1946 to get into building)

Stand for Children, a non-profit advocacy organization funded by the anti-union Walmart billionaires and the Gates Foundation, has filed an initiative petition that will likely appear on the November 2012 ballot.  This complex question would make changes in the yet to be implemented evaluation system, and impose new state mandates on school district teacher hirings and weaken the voice of teachers' unions.

Stand for Children claims that the initiative will "promote excellence in public schools", but a closer examination shows that the proposal would take away teachers' voices in how we are evaluated.  The proposal is a clear attack on our teachers' unions, and it creates a divide among teachers, parents, community members and our students.

We need to take a public stand AGAINST this ballot initiative. Teachers and community members need to work together to improve our students' education. We need more teachers and staff in our schools that are given the necessary support to be successful leaders.   We need more funding and materials in our schools. We do not need ballot initiatives that blame teachers. Join other teachers and community members from Boston and surrounding towns to take a public stand against this attack and to fight for real education reform!

Everyone and anyone is invited to attend.

For more information please contact the Teacher Activist Group (TAG Boston):

For more information on Stand for Children: