Friday, March 23, 2012

Wed, 3/28, Dorchester, "Panel: Fighting the MBTA Fare Hikes, Service Cuts & Layoffs"

7pm, Dorchester House, 1353 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, MA (map)

Months ago, the MBTA unleashed two disastrous proposals for public transit service cuts and fare hikes. One proposal included increasing fares overall by 40% while doubling prices for students, elderly and disabled people. The other one would have cut half the bus routes in Boston, while ending commuter rail, Mattapan line and E line service on weekends. Either of the two proposals would have been disastrous for millions of people in Boston--particularly for people of color, poor folks, the elderly, disabled people and students.

But in Boston, thousands of people mobilized to the hearings around the city to tell the MBTA and city officials that we cannot and will not take these cuts and fare hikes. Because of these protests, the MBTA withdrew its initial two proposals.

Now the question is--how are we going to secure a complete victory? How can we win NO CUTS, NO FARE HIKES, NO LAYOFFS, and BETTER SERVICE? Why is the MBTA cutting service and raising fares? What is going to be the best strategy to challenge the plan of fare hikes and service cuts? How can we fund the T? What should our demands be? And how are we going to win our demands?

Please join us for a panel to address these questions.

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Sponsored by: T Rider's Union, the International Socialist Organization-Dorchester, Occupy Dorchester