Monday, May 21, 2012

Sun, 6/3, Boston | Richard Seymour U.S. Book Tour - "American Insurgents: A brief history of American anti-imperialism"

We apologize for the potential confusion, but owing to conflicts in Richard Seymour's U.S. tour schedule, this event has been rescheduled (for the last time) to Sunday, June 3rd, at 3pm. It will still be held at Encuentro Cinco in downtown Boston. See below for details. 

American Insurgents: 

A Brief History of American Anti-Imperialism

Sunday, June 3, 2012 - 3:00PM
Encuentro Cinco
33 Harrison Ave - 5th Floor
Boston, MA
(See Directions)

ALL EMPIRES SPIN self-serving myths, and in the United States the most potent of these is that America is a force for democracy around the world. Yet there is a tradition of American anti-imperialism that gives the lie to this mythology. Richard Seymour examines this complex relationship from the American Revolution to the present-day.

“In these times of international rebellion, [Richard Seymour] has given us a tool with which to build a movement for a more just world, both within and beyond our borders.” —Camilo Mejía, author, Road to ar-Ramadi

“In the tradition of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States Richard Seymour shows that US imperialism has generated significant domestic opposition rooted in grassroots movements for racial, economic, and social justice.” —Michael Letwin, founding member, New York City Labor Against the War and Labor for Palestine

RICHARD SEYMOUR is a socialist writer and columnist and runs the blog Lenin's Tomb. He is the author of The Liberal Defense of Murder and The Meaning of David Cameron. He has appeared on Democracy Now!, The Guardian, The New Statesman, Radical Philosophy and Historical Materialism. Originally from Northern Ireland, he now resides in London, where he is studying for a PhD at the London School of Economics.

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