Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thurs, 8/9, Jamaica Plain, "New Frontiers in the War on Women: From Resistance to Liberation"

7pm, Haymarket People's Fund, 42 Seaverns Ave, Jamaica Plain (map)

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From Daniel Tosh’s recent “comedic act” making fun of rape, to the closing of abortion-providers, to the constant blaming of single mothers for not being able to make ends meet, the war on women has reached a new level. According to Justice Department statistics, one in six women in the U.S. will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime--and that number is likely far too low because rapes are often not reported. A woman in the U.S. is paid on average 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, a number that has changed very little over 50 years--only about half a cent a year on average. According to the Institute for Women's Policy Research, if it keeps up the same snail's pace, women will have to wait until 2056 to reach pay parity with men.

Politicians and the media alike have made scapegoats of single mothers and women wearing overly revealing clothing. In light of the attacks, both women and men have organized to stop the attacks. The Slutwalk marches and protests gave a forum for people of all genders to raise their voices in opposition to sexual violence and all the other aspects of women's oppression.

What we need is a new and energized women's liberation movement that can fight for real changes in women's lives. We can start by rejecting the moralistic scapegoating that blames women for our personal choices and putting the focus instead on a society that has failed us. Join the Boston branch of the International Socialist Organization in a discussion about the fight for women’s true liberation.