Friday, November 1, 2013

11/7, Education Meeting: Socialism from Below

Why workers have the power to fight for another world
November 7, 2013, 7 pm
358 Washington Street Dorchester, MA 02130 
(Four Corners/Geneva Stop on Fairmount Line, Bus 23)

We live in a world where we have enough food for everyone to eat yet 6 million children die every year of malnutrition and related diseases. Thousands are left homeless while empty house are left boarded up due to foreclosures. There is a need for better infrastructure, more teachers, green energy, etc. yet we have tens of thousands of people left unemployed with no hope for a decent job. The contradictions in our society are not just a result of having the wrong people in office but the result of a system that prioritizes profit over the real needs of people. 
While capitalism is a destructive system, it has also brought us the technology and resources to create a sustainable planet. The question is, how do we get from where we are at now to a society based on cooperation and human need? And who really has the power to make that change? As Marxists, we think only a revolution can bring about such change and that the working class is the only group in society that has the social power to fight for and win a completely different world. This world runs because of the work that the working class does; we make all the products, we run the schools, hospitals, postal service, etc. Because we make society run, we also have the power to shut society down and reorganize it in a way that benefits many rather than the few. Join us for a discussion on why we look to the working class and what it will take to win a completely different world. 
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