Thursday, April 17, 2014

4/17 Organizing Meeting

Boston ISO Organizing Meeting
Thursday April 17, 7 PM
358 Washington Street, Dorchester
(Fields Corner Station or #23 from Ruggles station)

Proposed Agenda:
1) Report-back from Labor Notes conference, 45m
    Suggested reading: How will labor be revived
                               Organizing for a union comeback
Organizing for a union comeback | SocialistWorker...
This year's Labor Notes conference will highlight the strategies of reformers for overcoming the crisis facing labor.
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How will labor be revived? |
A leading writer and labor historian talks about the shape of the labor movement today--and how to rebuild fighting unions.
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2) Urban Shield organizing, 60m
    Suggested reading: Urban shield isn't security
                               Gives us your rights and no one gets hurt
Give us your rights and no one gets hurt | SocialistWork...
Defenders of the Big Brother surveillance state think we should accept it when our rights have been violated because the world is a safer ...
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Urban Shield isn't security |
An activist coalition in Oakland mobilized people from around the Bay Area to protest the annual Urban Shield conference.
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As Boston goes through the one year anniversary of the tragic marathon bombings, the Urban Shield convention is planned to happen here on the first weekend in May. This is the conference for law enforcement that is being credited with giving Boston police the training needed to lockdown the city in the days following the bombing. In fact, it's recognized internationally for preparing police to crush protest and providing them with the latest, best weaponry. Daily, we are being bombarded with the legitimacy of hyper surveillance and a militarized police-- in a moment where more people are disaffected with the inequality and oppression that pervade this society. It's a challenge for the left to meet the openness to radical politics in this moment, to connect people more-so rejecting the status quo with politics that immediately reject the racism and attack on civil liberties that come along with the narrative of the need for "safety."
The anti-racist working group in the branch has been a part of an ad hoc coalition of activists that is organizing a meeting to oppose the Urban Shield convention. In this week's meeting, the branch committee is proposing we take time to figure out what kind of contribution our branch should make to the organizing.