Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thurs 3/26 Workers Power: What do we mean by revolution?‏

An International Socialist Organization public forum:
358 Washington St, Dorchester MA 
Thursday March. 26th, 7pm

(#23 Bus to Harvard St @ Washington St, or Fields Corner)

For the International Socialist Organization, we engage in the struggles today against all forms of oppression, inequality, and war. At the same time, we don't just want to fight -- we want to win, and get rid of oppression and the capitalist system that underpins it entirely. We think to do that the working class -- from fast food cashiers to teachers to oil workers -- can lead a mass revolution that smashes the system and reorganizes society democratically.

But what does a revolution like that look like? How is it different from a mass movement? Can workers lead a revolution and run society, when many working-class people have reactionary ideas today? What does a working-class revolution have to do with fighting all the other forms of oppression in society? How can we make sure a revolution wins and achieves real liberation?

Join the Boston ISO to discuss mass revolution, what it's looked like, and why we think the working class can run society.

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